The most notable features of this section of the Lea Navigation were the timber yards. A few parts of their structures still remain.

To the east of the Lea Navigation on this stretch are Walthamstow marshes, where A V Roe built the first British aeroplane under a railway arch, and various reservoirs and filter beds.

Several channels of the River Lea run between or to the east of the reservoirs as well as along the navigation and I took few if any photographs of them - none here. Pymmes Brook runs near to the west in a concrete channel entering the navigation close to Ferry Lane.

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32c31: Latham Timber, Clapton

32c42: Clapton

32c43: Walthamstow Marshes

32c45: Latham Timber, Clapton

32c-53: Middlesex Wharf, Clapton

32d22: Walthamstow Marshes

32d55: Ferry Lane Wharf, Tottenham

32k52: Middlesex Filter Beds

32u-52: Middlesex Wharf, Clapton

32u-64: Clapton

32u63: Middlesex Wharf, Clapton

32u-65: Clapton

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