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A towpath runs alongside the Lee Navigation from the lock at Bromley-by-Bow all the way to Hertford, sometimes changing from one bank to the other.

Most of my colour pictures from the early 1980s were taken from this towpath, either looking at the buildings on the opposite bank or at details beside the path on the side I was walking. Other pictures were taken in the streets close to the navigation.

The colour images I made then were taken on transparency film, on a range of films including Kodachrome, Agfachrome, Ektachrome and other E6 emulsions. Because the slides produced were stored individually rather than as whole films (as with negatives), precise location details are often missing from these images, although these can often be identified either from memory or, more reliably, by reference to black and white negatives shot at the same time.

Although a great deal of the navigation runs through open land, with some fine trees, I concentrated on the many factories and other man-made structures along the river, seldom picturing the more open landscapes.

Most of my work from the 1980s was taken within Greater London, as a part of my increasing focus on the city at that time. I followed the Lea up into Hertfordshire and also made a trip with friends from Group Six to the source of the river in Leagrave, on the outskirts of Luton.

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The ground was deep in sawdust around these large blocks used to support trunks. Edmonton.

A black sided factory building along the navigation at Ponders End proved difficult to photograph.


You can see more or less the complete set of colour pictures I took in 1982-3 in two galleries. The selected pictures on these pages are included there.

1982 colour pictures

1983 colour pictures


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